Particulate Matter ++ / The Aysee Adaptorion


Semi-automatically generated sound by CASIO SK-1, CASIO PT-280 circuit bending


Semi-automatically generated sound source using CASIO SK-1 and PT-280 with circuit bending by Aysee Adaptorion. By dynamically controlling the tone waveform or the 8bit sampling waveform that has been altered or destroyed due to an interrupt to the chip, the aspect as if floating up the current flowing through the circuit is drawn as a sound.

Specifically, the playing state is determined by the timing at which the keyboard is pressed and the switch ON/OFF, and by controlling the pitch, the degree of breakage of the timbre waveform is adjusted to dynamically change the output. A sequence pattern is automatically generated by combining these operations. Sometimes it becomes a pulse of measuring instrument or a short cycle pattern like industrial machine, and sometimes it becomes one huge noise ambient wave, and the original cheap PCM/PD sound source of the instrument completely reshapes.

This is an example that even the low-bit sound quality sampling of 80's home keyboards can be transformed into exciting instruments that are completely different from their original appearance.
In particular, SK-1 is a well-known machine for circuit bending in the world, and there are various modification methods. Depending on the modification, it is possible to generate more complex periodic sounds and noises.



see more details and diagram (Japanese follows):

1-8 CASIO SK-1 circuit bent, no overdub, no additional FX
9-12 CASIO PT-280 circuit bent, no overdub, no additional FX

1-12: composed and played by Aysee Adaptorion
mixed and mastered by Aysee Adaptorion
photo, designed and produced by odradek7743
originally released 'Particulate Matter EP', 'Particulate Matter EP+' (P)2013 from Gadgetron Sounds

copyright(C)2013, 2019 Aysee Adaptorion, Gadgetron Sounds, D.i.D. UNITED synthetic expression, all rights reserved.




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