5F 4F 32 00 80 C3 10 00




                ORG   0010H
0010: 5F        LD    A,R
0011: 4F        LD    R,A
0012: 32 00 80  LD    (8000H),A
0013: C3 10 00  JP    0



intentional degenerated things 3: degeneration from deadstocked to ▓▓▒░

"the memory that degenerates", or
"the memory that evanesces", or
"the memory that degrades".
The irreversible is the alias of the modification.

During the production of "T'aghvats Avtopoyetik Baner", I worked on excavating past own tunes. I of those days was my archetype. so to speak, those were a clumsy bared soul, and epidermis formed by elements - such as wisdom, experience, and objectivity, had grown little.

The original data will be revived without inferior as long as there is a restoration environment. Eg, the oldest sequence data was made in 1994, however I still have sound modules and sequencer for that, so this was able to play without any change. At this time, composer must confront his own past. It's obvious that various emotional outlines will appear in oneself. Nostalgia, pleasure, regret, aspiration, disappointment, conviction, helplessness, or shame. This extremely personal conducts provides all of them as one and only rights. And thinks for oneself - did those make sense, or did they still make sense? These depend on the composer oneself none other to define those life and death.
I weighed their life and death again. Some were useful and some were out of hand - tunes that couldn't be used even if they were modified are really genuine garbage. Thus lots of those that would have once alive were dragged out of the bottom of the grave. Useful elements were re-recorded, lined up, and cut out where appropriate. In order to give a pulsation as a self-productive vaporwave once again.

Above all, vaporwave has been 'intentional degenerated things' itself, at least for me. The starting point of vaporwave was what to cut out and how much to compress and write in a small capacity of 1.44MB 2HD. Before the concept of vaporwave, it existed in like a mega-demo context as a technical expression for PCM (eg, streaming to a 720KB 2DD using MSX turboR 15kHz/8bit PCM).
Although this was 'vapor' as such a by-product, but it was processed while preserving the appearance of the original music, and another aspect emerged from the intentional deterioration of sound quality. It's another purpose than trackmaking with hip-hop by sampling. Methods of curating certain parts of the 80s citypop and transforming that as is. This can be said that it's based on anonymous easiness of a digital-native punk spirit that is hednistic stance for copyright and culture. From a different perspective, it means a flat, inclusive capacity. Everything can be there - because all will be homogenized in the vapor.

Some tunes of once I was creating - some of the DTM-like pop music (a shameful dark past) which was made with immature skills - were far from citypop but could be reinterpreted using the vaporwave style. These nostalgic objects, combined with personal memories has converted to such styles, they have become the thing with remaining incense of the lost cyberpunk. It was perfect for them to dress up with the nostalgia of the lost times and retro-future, and to select and infiltrate certain scenes. Erosion and permeation, location and curation. On the other hand, personal past is often ostentation, personal memory mixes through consciousness and time.

"5F 4F 32 00 80 C3 10 00" was released in three parts. Each of the three are forms of expression as alterations. In particular, the substance of this work is established by the third "5F 4F 32 00 80 C3 10 00, alias, the memory that degrades". This third one contains the results of resampling in the order of 4, 8, 11, 16, 22, 32 and 44.1kHz, and repeating more 8 times. (Recommended to convert to mp3 with 11kHz / 16bit / 32kbps setting. By the way, I report the fact that the effect of further resampling is negligible, and it only sounds as if it were recorded from outside the room by a recorder in a bag). How you perceive the music before and after the transformation, What sounds and how can you hear from the world of degraded sound. Audience is given the ordeal. One of the promised rewards is the freedom to sink into the essence as you like. C'est mehrdeutige музыка สร้างขึ้น ke a சுவை vaporwave nově.▓▓▒░

As everyone would recognize, there's no worth for this price. This pricing is based on the fact that nobody wants to buy such works or nobody needs to get them. An idea that doesn't propagate and doesn't want to propagate, is just self-righteousness, target of disdain and ridicule, and only a matter of several seconds remaining in short-term memory. As personal motivation and interest, the moment I released something what I have created is my peak. They - for example, persons that determines a work based on personalized values, such as whether composer is a friend or not, like him/her or not - won't understand it no little, and I don't think that they should understand it at all. But, no matter what obstacles there is a way out where surprisingly in close proximity place.

My past was liquidated by my own hands, and my history in composition was buried again with dried bouquets. My past has vanished and has altered as something like my past.
Can this be called a regression, some will agree. But I know another form of that. I affirm that Back To The Basic, which a skilled composer says and performs, is nothing at all, a lukewarm idea that hasn't backed to the basic. Will be obvious soon.



KORG X3 + XSC-801
KORG volca keys, volca bass, volca beats
Roland JV-880 + SR-JV80-04
ALESIS nanocompressor
Coderium SoundEngine

all composed, mixed, mastered by nona.emanon.4
photo, edited, designed, produced by odradek7743
discount code when you'll Buy Digital Album: ldarldra
discount code when you'll Buy Digital Album: org0010h
discount code when you'll Buy Digital Album: ld8000ha
If you purchased "5F 4F 32 00 80 C3 10 00" and another version of this, you'll get a refund for the price you purchased to this another one and private release of data before degeneration can be obtained.

copyright(C)1994-2020 nona.emanon.4, D.i.D. UNITED synthetic expression, delphinix.ws all rights reserved.




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