you stared at a portrait
of a man hold his wounded chest
and you said, "there's a cycle of conceit"
words of the expressed lie and the opaque fact
shattered blue gem clot
has housed cleverly in the depth of those plots

your archaic smiles to the nadir
that's just a shell of grace
which is filled with the frail like a prayer
I don't know what should I do to get closer
to you
(you don't need to keep your hatred for despair)

hmm so

give my light to you
i feel pain to you
[who] think that a tragic life is
only dreamer's intoxication
i wanna save your heart
i don't know why the world blame your hurt
please hear, shine on you damaged sapphire

if you sow these seeds
on your palm to the air vault
sparkling ones become the light
which adorn this vast heaven's velvet

that's a blessing to your suffering's halt
because it's not something lost
but your wish is filled with glitter
please head for quiet supreme ambit
for you
(you should need to free your lament for ever)

hmm so

you're the delight to me
i'm waiting for you for a million years
return of you who are the roaming bystander
and we can believe us
beautiful embrace had hidden a fear
but now all of it disappears

if we gaze at our eyes
some truth floats on specularity
named dreamer's fructification
[you] hold your hands up high
cornflower blue stars scatter more
come now, you're crystallized new sapphire



composed by v.Hillenbrandt.7743
lyric by odradek7743
equipments: KORG M01 and NDS Lite