Der Rand Des Wassers


a.l.m, wurde cerestial genannt, wurde aus dem himmelgewölbe vertrieben,
als er stand am der Rand des Wassers.

unendlich unruhige wellen hatten seine füße benetzt,
es war wie die Reife und der Verfall seines Lebensrandes.

er war seines namens beraubt und seiner handvoll ruhigen schicksals,
niemand weiß, dass er trotzdem irgendwann ein Klagelied sang.


a.l.m, was called cerestial, was expelled from the heaven's vault,
once he was standing on that water's edge.

endlessly restless waves had wetted his feet,
it was just like the ripe and decay of his life's verge.

he was deprived of his name and his handful of calm fate,
no one knows that nevertheless eventually he sung a dirge.



Der Rand Des Wassers: noise ambient/electronica/industrial by nona.emanon.4 used KORG M01D with additional FX and slightly overdub (however, almost all those parts derives from this tune). some of sections and parts were distorted by switching internal FX(reverb / sync delay) of M01D in realtime.
definite melody isn't present in this tune, more than half of polyphony are used to construct chords - 5thPad x 3-4, 5thSine x 2-3: substantially 10-14 poly. by constructing one simple but huge sound layer, it's functioning as a melody part, as a chord part, and as a wall of sound.

KORG M01D no overdub
KORG volca keys + BEHRINGER UM300 + SF300 + SF400 + RV600 (additional Ld)

extract from 'Caritas habundat in omnia (Antiphon)' by Hildegard von Bingen: "atque amantissima"
extract from 'O tu suavissima virga (Responsorium)' by Hildegard von Bingen: "in ipsa incarnari voluit"



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