amplexa Oliviae

Amor, ut lacrima, ab oculo oritur, in pectus cadit. O Olivia.


this is an old recording that has been discovered in recent years by an anonymous collector. composed by v.Hillenbrandt, remixed by nona.emanon.4.
ne4 remixed 'amplexa Oliviae', and said, 'pavane as the medieval dance music encountering modern instrumental beats - this tune maybe makes up a motif from sequence of pavane by Faure’.


all composed, mixed, mastered by nona.emanon.4
photo, designed by odradek7743

#1(P)2013, #2(P)2005, #3(P)2000, #4(P)1999, #5(P)1997

copyright(C)2000,2008,2015 nona.emanon.4, v.Hillenbrandt, D.i.D. UNITED synthetic expression, all rights reserved.



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