This is a digital release version of "[youwillhave] heardoflore" limitedly distributed in October 2014.
The purpose of this album is to compare with multiple composition such as hybrid ebm-like-acid vs genuine acid, opinion vs respect, original form vs brush up.


This work is a digital release version of '[youwillhave]heardoflore', which was distributed in limited 50 copies in Oct 2014. The first physical package edition is collectable contents which imitated vinyl with card board sleeve and PHONO-R. Due to the influence of the homage of the well-known artists artworks without hesitation, sold out on the day, was not remanufactured, and was no longer in the world. Therefore, this was a rare thing that only a few very good people knew.

I don't mind that as the meaning of a personal work, rather that it's more comfortable for me. however in terms of remixes of some of artists have been recorded, it differs from conventional my work.
The superb high quality remixes made by these three artists are included in this - Mugenkidou(無限軌道) of Wakakusa Records(若草レコード) that specializes in heavy acid/dub like a tank contrary to a gentle personality. Brothers of the ACID ALLIANCE, Yebisu303 and numaitu, are units that create a big and small floor, and create a feeling of shin-nippori, or create patches for hardware synths made by KORG. I think it's a huge loss that these remain dead stock, and I decided to re-release in bandcamp.

The feature of this work is the contrast that consists of multiple compositions such as hybrid vs genuine, opinion vs respect, and original form vs brush up.
EBM based on muscle hammer beats and sequence patterns, and Acid house consisting of TB303 aggressive and freaky sequences. It was the outset that I thought so - Even if the times and backgrounds of the rise are different, it may be genres that are highly compatible with each other, we may be able to generate good music if let both get along.
The surface appearances and sequence patterns of all the original tracks are equivalent to acid house. However, they have many notes, they use many fillins, and other structures conform to EBM.
By the way, as an aside, the reason why "laetus" is supposed to be that way, to replace one ROM of the two 3DSs synchronized during playing at the live (There's no MIDI function in DS/3DS. Therefore, DS/3DS players has to start synchronization manually). This can be said to provide a good solution and a little laugh on the spot.

On the other hand, remixes are full of genuine acid house trucks that have eliminated the above-mentioned hardships, so I would like you to rejoice. Mugenkidou remixed which drives into aggressive beats beyond the original song using TB303 clone software synth Phoscyon. Numaitu expressed the charm of its glossy tone thoroughly using clone hardware TT-303. Yebisu303 shuffled the original sequence pattern to remove the thorns of the original, turning it into a glamorous and happy appearance. All the tracks are remixed in excellent quality while being colored with many gadget instruments, at the same time, it is an excellent piece with a good musical intensity.

# release year is 2017, but this post is 2014 because it matches the original release date.




[you will have] heard of lore Equipments:

ALL: composed by v.Hillenbrandt.7743
- 1. KORG DS-10PLUS dual mode
- 4. KORG volca bass, YAMAHA QY20, YAMAHA QY10 circuit bent by Aysee Adaptorion, VST

2. composed by nona.emanon.4
- KORG DSN-12, additional track for download only

3. remixed by nona.emanon.4
- KORG DS-10PLUS, KORG DSN-12, Nintendo 3DS, KORG KPR-77,
- 909 sample, YAMAHA QY10 circuit bent by Aysee Adaptorion, VST

6. remixed by mugenkidou @ wakakusa records
- KORG DS-10PLUS, Ableton Live, d16 group Phoscyon

7. remixed by numaitu @ ACID ALLIANCE
- KORG DS-10PLUS, KORG Gadget, Cyclone Analogic TT-303, Apple iPad w/ Beatmaker2

8. remixed by Yebisu303 @ ACID ALLIANCE
- KORG volca beats, KORG volca keys, KORG monotribe, x0xb0x, Pioneer RMX-500, Eventide SPACE

copyright(C)2014,2020 nona.emanon.4, v.Hillenbrandt.7743, D.i.D. UNITED synthetic expression, delphinix.ws all rights reserved




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