U​.​V​.​L. EP5: in aere aedificare (mix two)


Ne subtracto fundamento, in aere velle aedificare videamur.
(St. Augustine, Opera Omnia Post Lovaniensium Theologorum Recensionem Castigata, SERMONIS VIII)



U.V.L. EP5: in aere aedificare: M01 hiphop beats mix

1-3. cheyseus[pervicax]/aureus featuring FinesseNV
4-5. rubens featuring buddahmann

FinesseNV's "Piece Of Heaven" a cappella from

Buddahmann's "I Does Me" a cappella from

a1-a2 used DETUNE/KORG M01 with Nintendo DS(Lite/3DS)
and mikrosonic RD3 HD Groovebox for acid bass part(Android Application)

Instrumental version of these tracks available for
"fulgidus" ATRD1208/ATRD1208D