res, non verba.



#1 H.D.F.D.
good old breakbeats/big beat with 70s psychedelic guitar riff. one as genre was dead, but still live as one of method.

#2 Antidrastiras: Tessera
antidrastiras(αντιδραστήρας: τέσσερα) means reactor 3 in Greek.
made with Cyberstep KDJ-ONE song mode.

#3 Antidrastiras: Pente
antidrastiras(αντιδραστήρας: πέντε) means reactor 5 in Greek.
an instant techno made with caustic3 in about 2 hours.

#4 Antidrastiras: Ennia
antidrastiras(αντιδραστήρας: εννιά) means reactor 9 in Greek.
I thought about making variations of Antidrastiras based on some idea - use the same patches, one root only, flood of percussions, beat change, image of nuclear reaction.

res, non verba.


all tunes used Single Cell Software CAUSTIC 3 (Android) only except #2 Cyberstep KDJ-ONE, without extended sound pack or loops/samples, on Asus Zenfone3
some vocoders of #1 used mikrosonic RoboVox (Android)


copyright(C)2013, 2017,2018 nona.emanon.4, D.i.D. UNITED synthetic expression, all rights reserved.



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